MCS catalog creation failure “Input/output error”

1.”input/output error” is a Linux/Unix based error in IT industry, which is directly thrown from host/storage when executing MCS related code.

Chinac (华云) hybrid storage solution is developed based on open source Linux.

2.This error can also be seen directly on vCenter which means it’s not a Citrix layer issue.

3.The MCS catalog creation can succeed onto a local storage attached to the same ESXi hosts, or use full clone on Chinac (华云) storage.


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Target Device running on VM Ware Hypervisor going into a Hung state with Event – Too many retries Initiate reconnect

This issue is observed due to the overflow of the Ring Buffer. To check if the over flow of the ring buffer is happening, please follow the steps below:

1. Logon to the ESXi host and start ESXTOP.

2. Now press “n” for network and ‘t’ to order them.

3. Note down the nine digit Port Number and the Internal vSwitch name, Like – 33554464 and DvsPortset-0.

4. Then run the vsish internal debugging shell to get the statistics report from the VMXNet3 adapter:

[root@esx0:~] vsish -e get /net/portsets/vSwitch0/ports/33554464/vmxnet3/rxSummary

stats of a vmxnet3 vNIC rx queue {

LRO pkts rx ok:50314577

LRO bytes rx ok:1670451542658

pkts rx ok:50714621

bytes rx ok:1670920359206

unicast pkts rx ok:50714426

unicast bytes rx ok:1670920332742

multicast pkts rx ok:0

multicast bytes rx ok:0

broadcast pkts rx ok:195

broadcast bytes rx ok:26464

running out of buffers:10370

pkts receive error:0

# of times the 1st ring is full:7086

# of times the 2nd ring is full:3284

fail to map a rx buffer:0

request to page in a buffer:0

# of times rx queue is stopped:0

failed when copying into the guest buffer:0

# of pkts dropped due to large hdrs:0

# of pkts dropped due to max number of SG limits:0


Above values indicate that the ring buffer is over flowing.


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PGP Command LIne – Licencing on VmWare Metro hosts

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

We are looking to move our PGP command line from a physical server onto a VM that is hosted on VMMare  Metro Clustering. Are there still licence implications if the host was to move from one ESX Host to another ? We don’t want to go down route of setting affinity rules to tie to one particular ESX host.



PXE don’t start

I need a solution

Hi all,

I have all tutorials and all videos read and watch but I don’t have a solution for my problem. I have no idea what to do in my case.

I have GSS Suite on a Server 2012R2 in a VM ESXI and on the same VM machina a windows 7 prof. Client. If I want to boot PXE

I become the following screen and after this my Win7 boot normaly but don’t boot PXE. Is there anyone who have the same problem?

Thanks for your help



[API detection for Developer appliance] Unable to import license.

I need a solution


API appliance ovf: dlp_Scorpio-VA-1 (ARCHITECTURE: x86_64)

Enforce Server : 15.5 (Licensed)

ESXI : 6.5

[Issue Description]

– Noticed that currently license site has been renewed. Due to this reason, lost a way to apply license via “URL” and passphrase according to DLP API guide.

– Received bcl file instead.

– Tried to import the file into the API appliance but failed. 

– Custom linux of the API appliance does not seem to allow importing the bcl file as CLI is very limited, and I am not that familiar with CLI “licensing inline.”

– Tired to copy the file by using ssl & scp, connecting putty & WINscp which seems to be blocked by custom linux of API appliance.

I need assistance for importing license on the appliance properly. Any advice will be much appreciated.





Reporter | Please help to confirm information

I need a solution

Dear  All,

  I have got question from customer as  below. please help to recommend.

1. Does a reporter support ESXi hypervisor (free edition) ?

2. In case a customer using ProxySG-VA, is it possible to install on shared storage ? [SAN, NAS]
3. For management center, does it has a feature likes admin over-write protect ?
4. Can we set delegate user for reporter via management center ?
5. For management center, is it possible to set delegate user per ASG/Proxy-SG device ?

Best Regards,




VxRail: PTAgent upgrade failure, ESXi error “Can not delete non-empty group: dellptagent”[3]

Article Number: 516314 Article Version: 6 Article Type: Break Fix

VxRail 460 and 470 Nodes,VxRail E Series Nodes,VxRail P Series Nodes,VxRail S Series Nodes,VxRail V Series Nodes,VxRail Software 4.0,VxRail Software 4.5

VxRail upgrade process fails when upgrading PTAgent from older version 1.4 (and below) to newer 1.6 (and above).

Error message


Error in running [‘/etc/init.d/DellPTAgent’, ‘start’, ‘upgrade’]:

Return code: 1

Output: ERROR: object ‘/lib/’ from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.

ERROR: object ‘/lib/’ from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.

ERROR: object ‘/lib/’ from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.


Can not delete non-empty group: dellptagent

It is not safe to continue. Please reboot the host immediately to discard the unfinished update.

Please refer to the log file for more details.

Dell ptAgent upgrade failed on target: <hostname> failed due to Bad script return code:1

PTAgent can’t be removed without ESXi asking for a reboot, due to earlier version of PTAgent (lower than 1.6) had problem dealing with process signals, ESXi is unable to stop it no matter what signal is sent or what method is attempted to kill the process. Rebooting ESXi si required to kill the defunct process so the upgrade can proceed.

PTAgent 1.6 (and above) had this issue fixed, but upgrading from 1.4 to 1.6 can’t be done without human intervene once the issue is encountered.

Impacted VxRail versions (Dell platform only):

  • 4.0.x: VxRail 4.0.310 and below
  • 4.5.x: VxRail 4.5.101 and below

This issue is fixed in recent VxRail releases, but upgrade from earlier VxRail releases are greatly impacted. It’s strongly suggested customer to contact Dell EMC Technical Support to upgrade to PTAgent 1.7-4 which is included in below VxRail releases:

  • VxRail 4.0.500 for customer who stays on vSphere 6.0
  • VxRail 4.5.211 or above for customers who choose vSphere 6.5

Manual workaround if experiencing the PTAgent upgrade failure

  • Enter maintenance mode and reboot the host mentioned in error message
  • Wait until the host is available and showing proper state in vCenter, click retry button in VxRail Manager to retry upgrade.