SDWAN Center: Getting “An internal error has occurred” while trying to fetch Virtual path details using the NITRO API Command

Its a day 0 code issue in both UI(Reporting) and APIs for paths and virtual paths when we fetch all attributes and the selected time interval is greater than 1 hour.

There are 3 attributes which have a problem –wan_to_lan_best_one_way_time_max_latency_ms, wan_to_lan_best_one_way_time_min_latency_ms, wan_to_lan_min_jitter_ms

To work around the issue the api should use the attribute filter (where we specify a comma separated list of attributes) and ensure to exclude the above 3 attributes as shown in the below workaround.


curl -X GET -b cookies.txt “https:// /sdwan_center/nitro/v1/reports/virtual_paths?page=size:650;number:1&filter=last_by:day&attrs=lan_to_wan_bandwidth,wan_to_lan_bandwidth,percent_up_time” -v


Issue is fixed in 11.4.1 . Upgrade to 11.4.1 to fix the issue.


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Create Exception Policy via REST API

I need a solution

Hi everybody,

i want to create exception policies via REST API and powershell with the following code:

$Header =@{Authorization='Bearer '+$SEPMAuthenticationToken}

$Body = @{
	name = "TestExceptionREST"
	desc = "TestExceptionREST"

$BodyJSON = $Body | ConvertTo-Json

Invoke-RestMethod -SkipCertificateCheck -Method Post -Uri "https://${SEPMIPAddress}:8446/sepm/api/v1/policies/exceptions" -Header $Header -Body $BodyJSON

As I understand the REST API Documentation (chapter 4.87) all body parameters are optional so i should be able to create an exception with just a name and description. However execution of the Invoke-RestMethod commandlet always results in the following error:

Invoke-RestMethod : {"errorCode":"500","appErrorCode":"","errorMessage":"Internal Server Error"}

Can you give a working example for the creation of an exception policy via REST API?

Thanks in advance

P.S. there are many inconsistencies in the REST API that make life harder than it has to be imho



REST API 401 User Not Authorized

I need a solution

I have been able to connect to my SEPM API using Postman, however when I try to access anything else I get this error:

  "errorCode": "401",
  "appErrorCode": "",
  "errorMessage": "The user is not authorized to access this resource"

I am using a full admin account to access the API. 

I have looked at this documentation:

I cannot find anywhere to give a user permission to access specific APIs. Is there a setting in the SEP Management Console that I’m missing?