VxRail: After cancelling failed attempt of upgrading to 4.5.210, following attempt fails with error “result returns more than one elements”

Article Number: 520991 Article Version: 6 Article Type: Break Fix

VxRail Appliance Family,VxRail Appliance Series,VxRail Software

If an attempt to upgrade to VxRail 4.5.210 software release failed and was canceled, following attempts can fail:

In WebGUI:

The error message: result returns more than one elements; nested exception is javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException: result returns more than one elements. 

In lcm.log:

...with exception:org.springframework.dao.IncorrectResultSizeDataAccessException: result returns more than one elements; nested exception is javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException: result returns more than one elements

During the upgrade, some network related tables can be populated twice incorrectly if there is a second attempt.

  • Take a snapshot of VxRail Manager.
  • Opens an SR requesting for resolution, and mention this KB in SR.


Re: Nodepool (Nodeclass) based quota possible? Chargeback via Nodeclass

Chris, ‘Nodepools’ is not a breakout but a filter, so it takes multiple queries in sequence.

In the WebGUI the “Apply” button seems to be broken, I see filters applied only

when I change selections further down the page. And the pie chart and per directory stats right to it

seem never to get filtered.

Have a look at the usage histograms for logical or physical size to see the

effect of multiple filters applied (directory, nodepools).

(I have no nodepools on my virtual Isilon at the moment.)

Calculate the approximate usage by multiplying file count by avg ‘bucket’ value,

and accumulate over all buckets;

probably not exact enough for chargebacks, though.

As for really exact ‘isi filepool apply’:

Each file pool policy has either a nodepool, a tier, or an implicit default target.

Extracting these from the SmartPools config programatically would require some effort for sure.

For a quick start, I’d inspect the SmartPools config in the WebGUI, and extract by hand

the rule->pool mappings that can apply to the directories in question.

This little table can get hardcoded into a small proof-of-concept script

that parses the ‘isi filepool apply’ statistics. Makes sense?

— Peter


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CAS-upgrade issue

I need a solution

Hi Team,

Our customer has  upgraded from version to The device booted up and could reach the webinterface but could not login.

Got the error message “Error: Web Management Services are not available. Please contact administrator.”.

Read that there could be some problem with portforwarding in this version and the device is natted behind a firewall so I assumed that was the problem.

We then managed to boot the device from the “old” but were can’t login at all. we can reach the SSH interface but it don’t accept any password. The webgui don’t respond att all. In the configuration the webgui is configured and should be listen to port 8082 but I get no responce.

With the command “show licenses” all licenses are unknown.

We didnt set password which contaings special charactor(bug in the older version).

As the webgui unresposive customer has decided to factroy reset the device. Currently having version

What is the stable version and best way to go to ( is not working).?





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ProxySG-WebGUI is not working

I need a solution

Hi Team,

We cannot access our proxy via webGUI(https).

We have tried to access different browsers but no luck,. Only the top menu is showing but rest of the things are showing blank.

We can take SSH, we can take logs via advance url(ie, sysinfo, eventlogs).

While analysing sysinfo and eventlogs we found that BCWF database failed and HTTPS initialize error.

2018-03-08 17:12:39+08:00MYT  “Server_connection_https: cannot initialize secure socket”  0 280208:65   te_gs_server_connection.cpp:1120
2018-03-08 17:12:39+08:00MYT  “Download of Blue Coat database failed”  0 500098:1   cfs_admin.cpp:698
2018-03-08 17:17:40+08:00MYT  “Server_connection_https: cannot initialize secure socket”  0 280208:65   te_gs_server_connection.cpp:1120
2018-03-08 17:17:40+08:00MYT  “Download of Blue Coat database failed”  0 500098:1   cfs_admin.cpp:698
2018-03-08 17:22:40+08:00MYT  “Server_connection_https: cannot initialize secure socket”  0 280208:65   te_gs_server_connection.cpp:1120
2018-03-08 17:22:40+08:00MYT  “Download of Blue Coat database failed”  0 500098:1   cfs_admin.cpp:698





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Re: isilon management network on Gen6


if I understand correctly I will find as external interface mgmt-1, 10gige-1 10gige-2

Phil Lam> yes

I can set mgmt-1 for webgui, cli, esrs access and 10gige-x for client access

Phil Lam> client can can access SMB & NFS via mgmt-1

the ip address for mgmt-1 has to be setup first by serial interface then optionnaly in the webgui (so no default adress at shipping)

Phil Lam> I’ve only seen mgmt-1 available thru CLI & WebUI after cluster has been setup via serial (haven’t seen it on serial setup)

then I can configure subnet and pool for agreggation, cifs and nfs access

Phil Lam> yes