Wi-Fi Protected Network and Wi-Fi Protected Network 2 Information Disclosure Vulnerability

On February 26th, 2020, researchers Štefan Svorencík and Robert Lipovsky disclosed a vulnerability in the implementation of the wireless egress packet processing of certain Broadcom Wi-Fi chipsets. This vulnerability could allow an unauthenticated, adjacent attacker to decrypt Wi-Fi frames without the knowledge of the Wireless Protected Access (WPA) or Wireless Protected Access 2 (WPA2) Pairwise Temporal Key (PTK) used to secure the Wi-Fi network.

The vulnerability exists because after an affected device handles a disassociation event it could send a limited number of Wi-Fi frames encrypted with a static, weak PTK. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by acquiring these frames and decrypting them with the static PTK. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to decrypt Wi-Fi frames without the knowledge of the security session establishment used to secure the Wi-Fi network.

Multiple Cisco wireless products are affected by this vulnerability.

Cisco will release software updates that address this vulnerability. There are no workarounds that addresses this vulnerability.

This advisory is available at the following link:

Security Impact Rating: Medium

CVE: CVE-2019-15126


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Wi-Fi for Small Businesses Made Simple

Power your business with Office Connect 20—no-hassle, business-grade Wi-Fi you set up in three minutes.

blog_wifi_oc20.jpgSmall businesses are the backbone of the economy. And if you’re a small business owner, you want to stay focused on your customers and growing your business. Technology helps you do that—except when it doesn’t. Then it’s just maddening.

Employees, customers and visitors expect to have great Wi-Fi when they’re in a store or office. Many small businesses may end up buying consumer-grade Wi-Fi because it is inexpensive, but they soon find that the network doesn’t have the horsepower to support the growing number of mobile devices and users, and lacks the strong security and reliability that businesses need. And that’s just frustrating.

For IT solutions providers or resellers focused on serving small businesses, all the network solutions in the market are either too basic or too complex. Solution providers want something that is rock solid but simple enough to set up and manage. And they need a solution that lets them focus on growing their customer base while continuing to offer good support.

Good news: Small businesses and their solution providers really don’t have to compromise when it comes to Wi-Fi for small businesses anymore.

Office connectivity simplified

The new OfficeConnect 20 (OC20) solution from HPE is everything your business needs for a high-quality office network. It delivers right-sized features and great value at the right price. OC20 is great for small businesses—retailers, restaurants, doctors, dentists, lawyers—anyone with a single location and less than 100 employees.

The OfficeConnect solution delivers a wireless and wired network, and the solid security that businesses can’t skimp on. It includes a high performing wireless access point (AP), a mobile app to set up and manage the Wi-Fi network, and a wired switch to connect printers, IP phones, security cameras and other devices.

The new access point, OC20 is designed to be simple and intuitive to quickly set up and run. Setting it up doesn’t take an IT expert—just the ability to use a mobile app. OC20 is powerful with enterprise pedigree, but we’ve hidden all the complexity in the backend, so we can deliver a simple experience to users.

Not only can businesses easily set up an employee network easily, but they also can offer Wi-Fi to visitors and guests with a few taps on the OC20 mobile app. It’s easy to customize the login page with a company logo. The guest Wi-Fi integrates with Facebook Wi-Fi, so customers can check into your business when they visit. And that helps grow your business digital presence.

OC20 has business-grade security, too. Business owners don’t have to worry about employees or visitors accessing adult content and dodgy websites infected with malware from the Wi-Fi. Businesses can choose the right level of application filtering for them.

Expanding the network as the business expands is really simple too. All businesses need to do is connect new OC20 APs to the switch, power up and they automatically become part of the network. They’ll have exactly the same settings as what was previously set up. A network can have up to eight APs. No. Configuration. Needed.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look.

Up and running in 3 minutes

With OC20, your business can have a fully working office network in under three minutes.

1. Mobile App

Download the OfficeConnect Wi-Fi Portal app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play.

2. Launch the app, and instantly discover 0C20.

The OfficeConnect app automatically scans and finds any new, unconfigured OC20 in the neighborhood.

3. Set Up

Two screens and two more minutes until there is fully functioning Wi-Fi. In a couple more steps, the business can have a guest network, and security to protect the network.step 3.jpg

4. Dashboard

A simple dashboard shows the relevant information about the Wi-Fi network, with stats like how much traffic is on the network, the number of devices connected, the AP status and signal strength. It even points out problems.Dashboard.jpg

Smooth operations

Ongoing management of the office network is easy, too. The office manager—or if preferred, a solutions provider—can keep an eye on the network with the mobile app.

All this is on-the-go: You can be anywhere and pull up the app to see what is going on in the network. If you’re a reseller, this allows you to be more responsive to customer network issues, improves customer service, and saves you the hassle of having to send a technician onsite to see what’s going on. And if you’re the office manager, you can find out if there is a problem, no matter where you are.

With OC20, businesses can have fast, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi that employees and guests can count on—and that your business or trusted IT consultant can support from anywhere.

Learn more about OC20.

Learn more about Small Business OfficeConnect Portfolio:www.hpe.com/officeconnect


Why You Need Great Wi-Fi to Attract Great Employees

Learn how easy, fast, secure business-grade Wi-Fi from HPE OfficeConnect OC20 can improve workplace satisfaction.

Blog_OfficeConnect.jpgFor small businesses, your Wi-Fi network plays an especially important role in boosting employee and business productivity. Your employees need to be connected on their work laptops as well as on the BYOD devices they bring along with them. The network needs to support a large range of devices starting with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, IP phones, security cameras, printers and point-of-sale (POS) devices.

The number of applications that are accessed on today’s Wi-Fi network has increased many times in recent years. These applications can include business apps such as: Microsoft Office365; payment apps such Square and Apple Pay; collaboration apps for instant messaging, VoIP calls and conferencing; remote file/data syncing apps; social apps and streaming apps such as YouTube and Netflix.

This means your small business Wi-Fi network can be overwhelmed with large number of applications, data and devices. Your Wi-Fi environment must be:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Resilient

Ease of use and enhanced security for small offices

Wi-Fi solutions such as HPE OfficeConnect OC20 enable you to set up your employee and guest network in less than three minutes using a mobile app. The OC20 mobile app guides you through a step-by-step process starting from discovering the Wi-Fi access point to setting up the employee network and an optional guest network.

OfficeConnect Wi-Fi network offers a business-grade feature set that’s the right size for your small business, such as website filtering to protect and secure the network from malicious and inappropriate content. As a small business, you need to provide a guest network that is easy to access, fast and reliable. With OC20, you can define an access schedule to limit guest network access to certain days of the week and times of the day. You can also create your own custom business page using Facebook Wi-Fi with OC20.

Fast reliable connectivity and simple dashboard for monitoring

Your businesses and your employees can count on the OC20 sNetworking phones.PNGolution—it’s simple, fast and reliable. For the increasing number of mobile devices and applications, OC20 offers gigabit speed, built-in network redundancy and smart radio management capabilities to optimize the Wi-Fi network performance in real time.

With OC20’s simplified dashboard, small businesses can monitor who is on the network, which are the top-used applications, and get an inventory of connected devices. You will also get notified on your OC20 mobile app if the Internet goes down. You also can monitor the network remotely from your home or on the go from anywhere.

Great Wi-Fi is an expectation of your employees—just like coffee, water and comfortable spaces to collaborate. OC20 delivers an easy, simple and reliable Wi-Fi solution that your small business needs to expand and prosper.

Learn more

Learn more about how OC20 delivers great Wi-Fi for small businesses.

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