7021372: Support Status of 16-bit API Options in EXTRA! X-treme

The EXTRA! Options Pack has included 16-bit API options as a transitional technology to enable legacy DOS and Windows 3.1x applications to make HLLAPI calls to EXTRA! X-treme. However, these APIs are deprecated and no longer supported by Attachmate.

The following EXTRA! 16-bit APIs are affected:

  • Attachmate HLLAPI (16-bit), also known as ATMHLLAPI (16-bit)
  • EAL (16-bit)
  • EHLLAPI (16-bit)
  • WinHLLAPI (16-bit)
  • DOS HLLAPI Pass-through (using redir95.vxd or hllinit.sys redirector)

You may continue to use the 16-bit APIs at your own risk. Attachmate will no longer provide any patches or updates for 16-bit APIs. Attachmate no longer tests 16-bit APIs on newer Windows operating systems or with new Windows service packs and updates. Furthermore, 16-bit API options are not available in next-generation host connectivity terminal emulation products, such as Reflection for IBM 2007 or Reflection 2008.

Available Alternatives

You are encouraged to migrate your applications to use 32-bit APIs instead of 16-bit APIs. For information on 32-bit APIs in EXTRA! X-treme, see Technical Note 2164.

If you need assistance migrating your applications to use 32-bit APIs, Attachmate can provide consulting and development services. For more information, see http://www.attachmate.com/Products/Technical+Services/Consulting/.


The value of the %1 variable in the %2 section of %3 was migrated into the Windows NT registry.

Product: Windows Operating System
Event ID: 1003
Source: Windows 3.1 Migration
Version: 5.0
Component: Application Event Log
Message: The value of the %1 variable in the %2 section of %3 was migrated into the Windows NT registry.

The specified value was migrated successfully and this is a confirmation message.